MiniMax full review

The Mac mini is great. It's cheap, small, and of modest specifications. But what happens when the switchers that it's aimed at out-grow its capabilities and want something more. Well, Iomega has a solution that looks great and is a perfect addition to any Mac mini struggling with its workload. It's the MiniMax desktop hard drive.

It's a fairly simple idea executed in perfect harmony with the design sensibilities of the mini. It comes in 160GB and 250GB capacities, enough for all your photos and music, plus whatever else you want to throw at it. It fits under the mini, raising it only an inch and a half (4cm).

That alone would be quite an attractive deal, but Iomega has gone one step further by adding three extra USB 2.0 connections and two more FireWire 400 connections. This does much to amend the limitations of the mini, which is rather short on connectivity. So the MiniMax acts as a powered hub, hard drive and FireWire hub.

You could get similar capabilities by adding the Belkin USB and FireWire hub and a Formac 160GB Oxygen drive (see page 66), but you would save little if any cash. And then you've added to the footprint of the mini and gone some way to spoiling its good looks.

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