Missing Sync for Palm OS 4.0 full review

For years, Palm’s HotSync Manager, an application that synchronizes content between a Palm handheld and a desktop computer, has been problematic. An alternative, Mark/Space’s Missing Sync for Palm OS 4.0, offers more features, a better user interface, and faster syncing.

HotSync Manager’s flaws are apparent: it’s slow, its interface is outdated and complicated, it has no real progress indicator, and it randomly duplicates calendar events. Also, after I used HotSync Manager to update contacts on either my Palm or my Mac, it often showed two records: the original and the new one. In comparison, Missing Sync, which works with existing Palm conduits (software plug-ins for the HotSync Manager application), didn’t produce a single instance of erroneous duplication. It works quickly, and it syncs with the Palm Desktop application (or with Address Book and iCal, using a free conduit from Apple). In addition, Missing Sync’s Conduit Profiles let users specify single conduits or sets of conduits to be activated, a time-saving option.

One feature that’s lost when you switch from HotSync Manager to Missing Sync is the ability to sync with Palm’s Memo section. Missing Sync includes the MemoPad application for iCal and Address Book users, and MemoPad works fine for creating new memos and syncing them between software and handheld, but problems arose when I edited existing memos: Missing Sync either added a second memo instead of updating the original, or failed to recognize changes at all.

Missing Sync also lets you share an Internet connection with a handheld via USB or Bluetooth, and the program integrates with iTunes and iPhoto.

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