Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 3 full review

For years, Mark/Space’s The Missing Sync has helped many PDA users who want to reap the benefits of being able to synchronise data between a portable device and a workstation, but who don’t want a PC. And there are many benefits to be had. Such common tasks as updating address books, appointments and to-do lists on both devices are made supremely quick and simple. Handling multimedia files is also painless.

The latest version of The Missing Sync is a Universal binary and is aimed at owners of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and smartphones running Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 or Mobile 5. To put it through its paces, we loaded a Hewlett Packard iPAQ h5450, which had never been synced with a Mac before, with Windows 2003. One factory reset later and into the USB cradle it went.

The Missing Sync 3.0 supports the OS X tools we use every day, such as iCal, iPhoto, Address Book and Safari. You don’t have to sync all the apps every time – the interface offers the means to be selective. Our first operation backed up contacts, tasks, Safari bookmarks and calendar entries – important data that’s tedious to key in manually – without fuss.

An iPhoto sync takes a lot longer if you’ve a reasonably sizeable collection of images to transfer. It’ll also severely upset the device’s internal memory, but there’s the option to ensure files are copied to flash memory if your device has a card slot. Again, a huge library of images, optimised so that they’d appear correctly on the PDA, transferred without a hitch. However, The Missing Sync eventually became unstable, prompting Force Quits to unload it and eventually a restart. That said, even ActiveSync has its moments, and that’s native to Windows.

With such features as a battery meter, free Notebook program for organising ideas, the facility to install mobile apps, and a built-in store from which to buy them, the price looks very attractive.

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