Magic Charger full review

Few devices have raised as much interest in the Macworld office as Mobee’s Magic Charger. This device is an extremely clever addition to Apple’s Magic Mouse that replaces the internal batteries (and bottom cover) of the mouse with an internal rechargeable battery and induction charging reciever.

The other part of the Mobee Magic Charger (the part that does the charging) is a flat plate that you place the Magic Mouse on. This uses inductive charging technology, where you can pass a charge from one device to another without physically connecting them (the charge passes from the plate directly into the mouse).

There are several great things about the Mobee Magic Charger. Like all rechargeable batteries it saves you have to go out and buy a new pack every time they run out; and unlike regular rechargeable batteries you don’t have to remove from the mouse to charge it back up.

Above all though it turns the Magic Mouse into something more than Apple originally created, adding all the benefits of a wireless mouse without – something that’s always important to Apple fans – changing the look of the Magic Mouse one jot.

The only discernible difference is that with the Mobee Magic Charger installed the Magic Mouse becomes ever so slightly lighter than before; weighing in at 91grams instead of 107 grams with two Duracell batteries installed.

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