Monsoon MM-1000 full review

Since the first Mac, sound has been an accepted part of computing the Apple way. As Macs grew up, the audio capabilities have grown with them. But even the new, blue G3 Power Macs have only basic speakers. So if youhave a state-of-the-art, design-award-winning computer with a matching flat-panel LCD display, how do you get the sound out in a way that won’t detract from the image. The answer is the pinnacle of speaker chic: the Monsoon MM-1000 speaker system. You can now watch DVD movies on your Mac, but without decent speakers why bother? The MM-1000 system uses three speakers, a stereo pair of slim-line speakers that are bolstered at the low end by a meaty sub-woofer. The resulting audio experience is a treat. It may not compare to a set of good-quality hi-fi separates - but next to your average mini-midi-all-in-one music system, it rocks. The slim speakers use a technology different from the usual cone-piston type of speaker. Instead, they use a complex vibration of a single flat panel. Speakers using this technology are very sharp at the mid- to high-range, but the bass is not so good. This is why a subwoofer is used, creating a great rumbling bass. The sub has two inputs, allowing both your computer and perhaps a personal stereo to be connected. There is a volume control actually on the sub-woofer box, but because the box is best used sitting on the floor, there is a small remote lead provided. This enables you to turn the speakers on and of and adjust the volume. These speakers are designed for computer use, particularly gaming. While £200 is not a lot in computer terms, buying these speakers for playing games is a lot of pocket money. In other words, way above the threshold of a single-spouse decision.
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