More Safari Collection full review

The More Things Safari Collection is a series of iPad cases made from neoprene, with shiny reflective insides and fake fur outsides.

The combination of neon green and blue camouflage that we looked at certainly has an individual style. We're not sure if we'd call it stylish, but we're no fashion critics. It's certainly lively.

The sleeve is reversible, so you can turn it inside out and go with either the neoprene or fur look. Other case styles include purple inside and zebra skin outside, or black and green military-style camouflage (for some reason they make us think of Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses).

They're practical though, in a fashion. You slide the iPad inside where it's nicely protected from scratches and gentle knocks. We haven't stress tested our iPad in the case, but it's fairly thin and we wouldn't trust it to protect the iPad as much as other cases we've got in the office.

Getting the iPad in and out is a tight squeeze requiring you to stretch the case and push in the iPad.

There are also no pockets or places for carrying the connection cable or power supply, although having witnessed the battery life of the iPad in action we're not sure this is such a problem.

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