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When it comes to performing common tasks, some people prefer to use the mouse, while others prefer keyboard shortcuts. Although most people aren’t as devoted to the cause as Macworld editor Rob Griffiths, who probably hasn’t touched his mouse in several years. For us, the keyboard alternative has to be easy to remember and - perhaps most important - easy to use.

That’s why we like Adam Tow’s MsgFiler 2.0.2

As its name implies, MsgFiler is an add-on that gives you another way to file email messages in Mail. Instead of using the mouse to file a message, you just press MsgFiler’s keyboard shortcut to bring up the MsgFiler window; type a few letters of the desired folder’s name, and all matching folders appear in the list below. To move the current message to the first folder displayed, just press Return; to choose a different folder, type more characters to narrow down the results, or use the down-arrow key to select the desired folder. (MsgFiler's keyboard shortcut is Command+9 by default, but you can change it using the Keyboard & Mouse pane of System Preferences)

MsgFiler also has several useful options. For example, you can copy a message to a folder instead of moving it by pressing Shift+Command+C; the original remains in its current location, but a copy is created in the target folder. You can also use MsgFiler to open a mail folder; just type the folder’s name, but instead of pressing Return, press Command+O. (You can instead click on Copy or Show, respectively, if you happen to be mousing around.) Finally, you can set MsgFiler to automatically mark Unread mail as Read when you file it.

MsgFiler even works with MiniMail, which I covered earlier this week, and supports Undo for those times when you accidentally file something in the wrong folder.

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