MultiCorder 2.0 for iOS full review

The iPhone’s high-definition video files take up a lot of storage space. MultiCorder is a video-recording app that allows you to adjust the size and frame rate of your video recordings in order to reduce the amount of storage space they require.

When you launch it you see the familiar Record button centred on the bottom of the screen, with an additional Settings button to its right. Tapping the Settings button displays options for adjusting the resolution, aspect ratio and compression ratio. There are a number of presets provided to help you get started, including five resolutions settings that range from full 1,280 x 720 down to 720 x 450.

You can also select the compression level at which your video will be shot. We shot full-resolution video but dropped the compression level as low as 50 per cent; this cut the video file size in half while maintaining decent results.

This update adds some other features, such as a digital zoom when shooting video, and the ability to shoot continuously as you switch between the front and rear cameras with no need to stop recording and then start again.

MultiCorder can save space when recording video on your iPhone

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