Epson Stylus PX800FW full review

Most multifunction printers are created by combining a printer with a scanner, and if you're lucky a few copying functions. Some go further with faxing options but a rare few, such as this Epson Stylus PX800FW, go as far as adding features we haven't seen before.

The drop-down 7.8in touchscreen LCD goes a long way towards making a first impression, and this is a feature we'll wager you'll be seeing a lot of in the future. The touchscreen input goes a long way towards simplifying previously fiddly tasks (adjusting paper settings etc).

But it doesn't just make it easier to select bog-standard settings, along with the increased ease of use Epson has been able to pack the PX800FW's menu with many intriguing extras.

From the online help to the gimmicky ‘Colouring book' feature, and the rather more useful array of templates (allowing you to print various types of lined paper), the Epson Stylus PX800FW is stuffed with increased functionality.

The Epson Stylus PX800FW has a dedicated CD/DVD tray that makes it easy to print images onto discs. A 30-page ADF is built in, and the standard paper input takes 120 sheets. The paper tray itself is slightly awkward to load, but it does feel robust. And the upper half can take photo paper, making it easy to move. Connectivity is taken care of by multi-card reader, ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi capabilities.

Fax facilities are provided, and not only does the Epson Stylus PX800FW's scanning component produce strong and faithful scans, but the bundled ABBYY OCR software is good for converting text to a digital format. About the only feature missing from this MFD is auto duplexing, but you can even buy this as an option.

While the Epson Stylus PX800FW doesn't produce poor prints, its colour graphics are a little light, and images seem slightly mist-shrouded.

Premium paper helps, and results with Epson's photographic paper are pretty good, if not awe-inspiring. it's a shame as the Epson Stylus PX800FW is very good on speed, producing draft-quality colour pages at 12ppm, medium-quality at 6ppm and full photo quality at 1.7ppm.

The Epson Stylus PX800FW is blistering on text, ripping through the lightest mode at 16.2ppm. You wouldn't want to settle for the feint text offered, but the middle mode offers a respectable 7.7ppm. Even in the top mode, the text output isn't quite as dark and crisp as we might want.

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