On Air full review

On the the surface Equinux On Air is a webcam viewing application, but the software’s ability to extract webcam data from HTTP addresses, network cameras and your computer’s built-in camera makes it more than that. Amazingly, you can keep track of up to 41 cameras at one time – a mix of network and webcams.

On Air’s real strength comes in its ability to record streams and edit multiple sources on the fly. It’s like having the ability to direct live TV – with networked cameras.

A main monitor in the centre of the window shows the content you’re currently recording, while other sources appear as live thumbnails surrounding it. Any of these sources can be dragged to the centre at any time. Once in focus, you can adjust the brightness, colour and hue of video images to optimise them for viewing.

Incidentally, adding networked webcams is easy using a built-in wizard. You can either add addresses direct or let On Air find and list available sources.

The software’s not just a viewer – you can also use it to publish video feeds to your website. Then, other On Air or web users can turn the tables on you – seeing what you get up to in the privacy of your own office.

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