iFunia Video Converter Pro full review

We admit it – you have to be pretty geeky to get excited about a video converter. If the pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses fit, then that’s what we are at Macworld because iFunia Video Converter Pro sets us all-a-tingle. At its most basic, it takes video in one format and transforms it into another. Yes, you can buy tools like this for buttons, but there’s more.

While other tools are highly configurable but limited in the file types they support (like Handbrake) or bury file conversion features under layers of other features (like VLC Media Player), Video Converter is straightforward and easy to use, but with a phenomenal range of supported filetypes. It accepts most popular formats as input, including AVI, WMV and, of course, QuickTime video. It also does a bang-up job with Flash Video files and a few formats we’ve never encountered before.

Incredibly, though, it outputs to many of these formats too – including some traditionally thought of as Windows-only.

And that ain’t all. You can edit movies down before conversion, crop into the picture to remove unwanted portions and even apply global effects. Video too dark? Not a problem; just turn up the brightness. In our tests, the conversion process worked in real time, happily getting on with the job in the background as we did other things – unlike some video converters that hog resources and bring your system to a standstill.

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