Lidpop 1.0.2 full review

Most of the products I review in Mac Gems are designed, first and foremost, to be useful. But occasionally I come across something that’s just plain fun…and if it ends up being a little bit useful, all the better. That’s the case for today’s Gem, Lidpop (Mac App Store link).

Lidpop does two very simple things: It plays a sound of your choosing when you close your laptop’s lid (or, more precisely, when your computer—laptop or desktop—goes to sleep), and it plays another sound of your choosing when you open your laptop’s lid (when your computer wakes up).

For example, if you’re a sci-fi geek—not that anyone at Macworld would know anything about that—you could configure LidPop to play C3PO saying “How rude!” when you close your MacBook Air, and Leon Kowalski saying “Wake up!” when you open it. Or a…um…normal person might use the sound of a door slamming or tires screeching for sleep/shut, and a clip of a rooster crowing or a yawn for wake/open.

Lidpop provides 15 built-in sounds, but you can also use your own sound files. In my testing, Lidpop supports sound files in AIFF, WAV, MP3, and AAC formats (though only .m4a files—.MP4 and .m4v files didn’t work).

Sure, it’s a bit silly, but it’s good fun that takes me back to the days of SoundMaster for System 7. And as I’ve been using it over the past month or so, it’s regularly produced smiles and comments from passersby.

That said, Lidpop does make itself useful in certain circumstances. For example, if you’ve ever opened your bag to discover that your MacBook has at some point woken up—leaving you with a partially drained battery and an overheating laptop—you’ll appreciate that Lidpop’s wake-up sound can alert you to such inadvertent wakes. Just make sure you don’t mute your laptop before putting it to sleep.

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