Toast 9 Titanium full review

Toast is still the best when it comes to burning, with version 9 offering a wealth of new features, from Blu-ray Disc burning support to streaming video to your iPhone. In fact, it’s so feature-laden we can’t discuss all its improvements here.

So what are the highlights? Well, you can pause and restart a burning operation to free up the processor for other things; span data across multiple discs without breaking it up; automatically tag unknown audio tracks using their audio fingerprint; and even record internet audio streams.

Roxio clearly expects Apple to introduce Blu-ray disc burning hardware in future Macs. Using a £14.99 plug-in, Toast lets you burn ordinary DVDs in a format suitable for playback on Blu-ray players, though you can’t burn to Blu-ray discs natively yet.

Burning a Blu-ray compatible disc is as easy as anything else in Toast. Choose the video, select the correct format, hit the big red button, and wait. Pending a Blu-ray burning device for the Mac you’re confined to burning 20-minute clips, which is the highest capacity that fits on a DVD disc in Blu-ray format.

Another hit in this release is Toast’s new capacity to convert video for an Apple TV or iPhone, and Toast tidily pops the results into iTunes, if you want. You can even duplicate unprotected DVDs you own – great for making backups of long-gone iMovie projects, or ripping commercial DVDs lacking copy protection for use with an iPod or other device.

If you use Toast to create video or image projects, the new iLife and Aperture media browser, which floats atop the application, makes it easier to include images, music and videos within a Toast project than ever before.

Roxio Streamer will stream video from a home Mac over a WiFi connection to a mobile device (such as an iPhone or iPod touch), or any internet-connected Mac or PC. Once again, Streamer is an absolute breeze to set up and use.

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