Music Rescue full review

It’s the feature everyone wants, but Apple wouldn’t let us have: the ability to transfer music from your iPod to your computer. Of course, it lets you do that with music you’ve bought from iTunes, to your own iTunes account. But the music you’ve ripped from your own CDs? Yeah. Good luck with that.

We understand why. It’s to stop your mates from turning up at your house and transferring their music collection, lovingly ripped and added to their own iTunes library over a number of years, to your machine. But there are lots of legitimate reasons why you might want to transfer your own music from your iPod to another computer.

There are lots of tools around that perform a similar task. Music Rescue stands out because it’s nicely designed, comes in versions for both Windows and Macs, and works just as well with videos and podcasts as it does with your music library. On launch, the software looks for your iPod and enables you to sort through your collection. You can back up all your iPod’s files, or pick albums or tracks using embedded metadata, including tags.

You can even use it in tandem with iTunes to transfer tunes and rebuild playlists. All this within a simple but serviceable interface. Alternatively, you can use the program’s built-in music player instead of iTunes. The licence is stored on your iPod, so you can plug and play in any machine.

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