iTunes Live: London Festival for iPhone review

If you haven't heard, Apple is sponsoring a month long series of gigs under the iTunes Live: London Festival banner at the legendary Roundhouse in North London. The events are free but only to those lucky enough to win tickets selected from the million plus entries so far. Oasis, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, Kasabian, Bloc Party, Bat For Lashes and Stephen Fry are amongst those taking part, alongside a host of lesser known but hotly tipped acts.

iTunes Live: London Festival for iPhone and iPod touch is the official festival application, promising news and photos directly from the historic venue. It's early days yet so content is limited but includes photos from previous iTunes events to pad things out a little. A news selection added four stories on the first of the month, which we hope will be maintained across the 31 days.

For iPhone users the application adds the ability to take and share your own photos from the gigs and upload them to a dedicated festival Facebook page. The ability to upload your own on-the-spot spontaneous gigs reviews would have been plus. The application also has a brief venue history covering the Roundhouse, with the ability to show directions to the iconic building. If you haven’t already, iTunes Live: London Festival offers yet another chance to win tickets. Good luck.


Time will tell if this iTunes Live: London Festival application proves a hit worthy of the month long series of gigs. More content is clearly needed to keep fans coming back for more as most will have already entered the draw to win tickets. It would be good to have included audio and video content although Apple does plan to sell live songs via iTunes while ITV2 starts broadcasting highlights shortly.

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