Korg iElectribe full review

The Korg iElectribe-R is a classic analogue beat machine used by dance music aficionados. Now Korg has released iElectribe as a virtual machine for the iPad. Users of the original hardware will find the iPad version to be a faithful reproduction. The only difference is the price. The original iElectribe cost about £200, while the iPad app is £11.99.

iElectribe is packed with 64 preset patterns, ranging in genre from house to break beat and hip hop. You can also create your own custom sounds and beats. You’ve got eight synth pads to use for building a beat. These consist of a few drum and bass sounds, some cymbals, and a clap sound to work with. Eight sounds may not seem like much, but you can actually get a lot more than that using the different effects, amp settings, and pitch controls.

There are eight effects for you to use too – Short Delay, BPM Delay, Grain Shifter, Reverb, Cho/Flg, Filter, Talking Mod and Decimator. Two Effects Edit knobs let you further tweak these effects. This allows for even more sound possibilities, especially when combined with Oscillator options for adjusting pitch, mod depth and mod speed, mod type, wave selection and the amp settings for decay, level, pan and low boost. You can only use one effect per pattern, though, which is unfortunate.

Patterns can be up to 64 beats long and have a BPM (beats per minute) of between 20 and 300. To build up a beat, you can tap the synth pads while recording or use the 16-step sequencer. You can also record adjustments to the pitch and other settings in real time.

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