Looptastic HD for iPad and iPhone full review

You don’t have be able to play an instrument to make music today, you can simply gather pre-recorded sounds and put them together any way you like using this app for iPad and iPhone.

Looptastic’s main screen is home to all the controls and effects you need. There are three mix zones, a crossfade controller, a bin containing your loop sets, a list of effects and an XY pad to control them. Drop a loop into one of the mix zones and it starts playing immediately. Dragging the loop up and down changes the volume, while dragging inside the loop’s waveform at the top of the window scrubs the audio backwards and forwards.

Add additional loops to the other mix zones and you can use the crossfader to fade each one in and out. To add effects, select one and touch the XY pad. Dragging your fingers around the XY pad changes the nature of the effect.

One neat feature is the ability to change the tempo, either by altering the number of beats per minute or by manually tapping one out. You can also sync two iPads together – handy for adding more mixes and effects.

Looptastic allows you to record everything you do, but you can’t separate your experiments from your proper mixes without exporting and editing the whole lot on your Mac. Moving audio on and off your iPad is also complicated by the fact that you have to point your Mac’s web browser at your iPad via WiFi.

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