Muse App for iPhone full review

Every band needs an iPhone application. It has the potential to keep fans in touch with their favourite music anytime and anywhere, even on the way home from a gig. A mix of news, reviews, forum posts, gig listings, photos, artwork, videos and music clips is ideal for the intimate small screen pocket sized format. Muse, a classy band, have produced a classy iPhone application, complete with all of the above, wrapped up in an intuitive attractive interface.

Muse have succeeded where many bands have not, hitting the top of the charts and filling stadiums while maintaining a high level of credibility and creativity. The Resistance, Muse's fifth studio album, released late last year and featured heavily here, highlight's the band's growing musical and vocal virtuosity. Muse App includes a special section on The Resistance album, including an AppBook, the video for Resistance, audio of United States of Eurasia and 30 second clips of all the album tracks.

For those who like to keep in touch and up to date with the band, the Muse App adds RSS feeds for Muse news, tour dates, Muse's Twitter feed, Delicious feed and MuseLive and Microcuts news. A zoomable Muse Map shows local activity, including forthcoming gigs and any Muse website members close-by. Tour date listings include, where possible, links to buy tickets, which may prove useful as these sell out fast.

The application offers access to the thankfully busy and informative Muse Messageboard, where fans post news snippets, reviews, interviews and gossip from around the world as well as some excellent on-the-spot gig and tour reviews. Those users with photos taken at gigs can upload images to for an instant share.

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