Napster by Rhapsody full review

The name Napster was once synonymous with illegal downloads. The original peer-to-peer iteration of the service shut down in July 2001, however, and in 2003 it was relaunched as this legitimate music-streaming service.

Napster now offers users the ability to stream tracks from its 15 million strong catalogue, which it claims covers every genre. Users can create their own personalised playlists or choose from Napster’s ready-made radio stations and playlists, and even get music recommendations.

A Napster library can be accessed from an iPhone using the free app, or listened to via a computer. The service also supports a range of audio devices such as Philips, Logitech and Sonos, which may swing it if you already own  one of these devices.

MP3 downloads are available as 256kbit/s stereo files, while tracks streamed to Macs are offered at 128kbit/s. Mobile tracks are streamed at a lowly 64kbit/s, but it uses the high-quality A2C codec and the iPhone’s built-in decoding support.

Napster is no longer for pirates; now the service’s 15 million tracks are available legally

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