Nine Inch Nails Revenge for iPhone review

Tapulous, taking what it learned from the ‘regular’ (and free) version of Tap Tap Revenge, has spun off a new £2.99 product called Nine Inch Nails Revenge.

Why would you pay £2.99 for a new version of a free game? The answer is simple. As the name implies, this variation on Tap Tap Revenge features music licensed by industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. And if you’re a fan of NIN, it’s fantastic.

The game has been extensively reworked. The most obvious difference is a NIN-inspired skin that rewraps the game in shades of black, white and red.

The new version also features level unlocking. To gain access to all the songs and all four difficulty levels, you must play through.

Nine Inch Nails Revenge is a rhythm-matching game cut from the same cloth as Guitar Hero. You must tap the bottom of the screen in time with descending black bubbles. Do so, and you’ll amass points. String enough together in a row, and you’ll earn multipliers that will increase your score. A Revenge mode can be activated which doubles your point value as long as you’re able to continue to string together notes successfully. The game also features a two-player mode.

The song doesn’t stop playing or degrade if you miss notes, but your points value goes down and it’s easy to fall into negative territory if you mess up.


There are a couple of things that irritate us about the app, and they’re shortcomings shared by its free sibling. The ‘Challenge a Friend’ and ‘About Nine Inch Nails’ buttons quit you out of the game and open up your email client and Safari respectively; we think it’s bad manners for an application to quit without asking you permission first.

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