Avid Scorch full review

Scorch lets you use your iPad to purchase, practise and perform sheet music that’s been created using the Sibelius music software. At its most basic, you can load a score into Scorch and it’ll just play it back. Too fast? Change the tempo. Not a good key for you? Change it to something more suitable.

Guitarists can switch from sheet music to tab, replace instruments in the arrangement with different ones, see the entire score or just follow a particular violin or cello. If you’re practising a solo piano piece, you can use the slide-up keyboard to see the notes as they’re played, or mute the left and right hands so you can focus on one or the other more easily.

You can buy manuscripts at the Scorch store and if you already own Sibelius, you can register and offer your own scores for sale as well. When we visited the Search feature sometimes required a reboot before it worked. You can also personalise the look and feel of the program by adding textures to the sheet music, changing the font or the colour of the parts, and so on.

For performances, there’s a music stand view which removes any unnecessary screen furniture and lets you concentrate on the music. However, the music stand feature only works effectively in portrait view, so you’ll need good eyes.

See the whole score – or individual parts – played on the Keyboard display

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