SoundHound full review

Like Shazam, SoundHound ∞ lets you identify ambient music. Simply tap the big orange button and the listening process begins. The app will return its best guess after a few seconds, and this is usually correct. You can also type or speak a song title, artist name or lyric snippet, or even hum or sing, though the results were mixed for this.

Once the app has identified a song, it inundates you with information, such as the title, artist name, cover art and iTunes links. Music identification takes place on SoundHound’s servers, but if you haven’t got a signal, the app lets you tag songs for later identification. 

You can share the songs you’ve identified via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter, with the option to post automatically to the latter two. You can also view songs that are popular among other users.

Download SoundHound ∞ for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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