Spotify for iPhone full review

Few apps have been as eagerly awaited as Spotify for the iPhone. After months of speculation, development, and concern whether Apple would allow this iTunes rival to the iPhone, the app is available and sitting at the number one spot in the Apple App Store free downloads chart as we speak.

Of course, calling it a free program is a bit misleading. Because – in case you haven't already heard – Spotify for iPhone is only available for Spotify Premium subscribers. Those are the people who pay Spotify £10 per month to use the service without the interruption of adverts.

The Spotify login process ensures that you have a Premium account

So you can download the app for free, but the first thing it does is request your Spotify name and password. If you aren't already a Premium subscriber then you'll get an error message. Setting up as a Premium member is simple enough through the Spotify website and you can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Upgrading as a Premium member is instantaneous and enables you to use Spotify on your iPhone; it also enables Premium services on the Spotify desktop application.

Many of our US readers may have heard of Spotify, but won't have been able to use it yet, so here is our quick rundown. Feel free to skip to the bit marked ‘What you get as a Premium member’ if you already know all about Spotify.

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