TuneIn Radio Pro for iOS full review

TuneIn Radio Pro is slightly different to the other services on offer here. While these enable you to specify individual tracks, artists or songs, and either play those tracks directly or create playlists based on similar tunes, TuneIn Radio Pro directly streams radio stations and programmes from around the world.

As well as listening to radio stations, you can pause and record shows. There’s also a free version, though this lacks the recording functionality and includes adverts.

One key advantage that TuneIn Radio Pro offers over other online services, such as BBC iPlayer, is that you are listening to live radio that’s streamed over the internet. Obviously this has a number of advantages, and it’s great for listening to sports radio or live music shows. On the down side, you’re streaming music constantly, which means you’ll have to keep a close eye on 3G data usage (unless you’re on an unlimited data account).

The bitrate that TuneIn Radio Pro provides varies according to the quality of the data connection and the radio service in question. A small blue box next to the radio station or programme lets you know what the bitrate is – typically this is between 64kbit/s and 192kbit/s.

Listen to radio stations and programmes from around the world

If you’re a real radio buff, you can also use the app to record shows.

Having said all that, we would have liked it to be easier to browse for shows and stations. It’s simple enough to search for programmes you already know the name of, but its search option is mostly location- rather than provider-based. We had no problems, for example, searching for programmes in the UK, but had difficulty finding listings for individual stations. A guide or links to show listings would have been welcome.

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