My Measures & Dimensions full review

Aimed at builders, estate agents and anyone else who needs to make regular measurements, this app takes the pain out of remembering the details by enabling you to store and share them using your iPhone.

My Measures & Dimensions couldn’t be simpler to use: the home screen presents you with three just options – New, Share and Edit. The only other things you’ll see on the home screen are any existing pictures or project folders you’ve created.

Whether you’re taking a new snap or amending an old one, your options remain the same: you can add dimension arrows to an image, add angle measurements and add text. These options and others are presented on either the right or bottom of the screen depending on whether the photo is in portrait or landscape.

My Measures & Dimensions is the easy way to remember specs for objects you’ve measured, making it a handy app for builders, estate agents and regular DIYers

To add a dimension, you simply tap on the image with your fingers and then stretch or shorten the line that appears between the two arrow heads until it’s the right length. Magnifiers appears at each end of the measurement line for more precise positioning. Tapping the line brings up another submenu that lets you add measurement details with various options.

It’s all very intuitive.

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