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Some people aren’t lucky enough to have their Macs in the same room as a TV. Either you use a Mac at work, where television access is not a priority, or you have a home office away from a living area. If you have ever wanted to keep up with Eastenders while working late, or getting the latest football scores while writing your invoices, read on. MyTV from Eskape Labs adds a TV tuner to the Mac through the USB port. It also does some other, more useful things, so it should be tax deductible. The one feature that makes MyTV a professional tool is the video capture. You can plug in a composite or S-Video signal, and watch the video on your monitor. Better still, you can capture that video to disk. It wont be the same quality as DV capture but it’s still useful for grabbing bits of video for Web work. You can capture video directly from TV too. Being a USB device you can use MyTV with any USB equipped Mac. That includes all G4 and most G3 Power Macs, plus some PowerBooks and all iBooks. It uses the USB port to power the unit, meaning cables are kept to a minimum.
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