NewsMac Pro & NetNewsWire 2.0


Both new versions of the RSS readers include built-in browsers, so you don’t have to swap applications if wishing to view the site source, although you can change this in the preferences panels. Both also provide the ability to schedule timed downloads of the latest news. NewsMac Pro provides channels which when launched can be set in its preferences to automatically include previously set-up lists of RSS source sites from third-party readers. Both have extensively customizable layout styles: NNW’s panels are based on Apple’s Mail email client, while NewsMac Pro has a similar interface but with an extra panel for built-in channels. They both offer three different layout arrangements for panels – traditional, combined and widescreen, plus themes for displaying news headlines in your favourite styles. In NNW, when you follow a embedded link from content viewed through the browser a small blue Feed button shows up that, when clicked, adds the feed to your directory.

You can bookmark feeds and headlines in NewsMac Pro, as well as adding keywords to the preferences in NewsMac to automatically flag-up any stories that include the keywords – ensuring nothing likely to be of interest is missed. These can be flagged-up in NNW, too.

NewsMac Pro includes a menu item for searching Google, as well as the option to use Speech, and have your Mac read out headlines for you. NewsMac Pro also offers an iSync-style Synchronization function, allowing you to automatically transfer and sync podcast subscriptions to iTunes. (They are copied to your iTunes library and automatically created into a Playlist called NewsMac Pro.)

In NetNewsWire’s Feed directories you can scan through the included directories by subject. Upon selection a brief description of the feed’s subject matter is displayed. You can ensure any subscriptions remain current by selecting the ‘Dinosaur’ option from the Window menu, which alerts you to feeds that haven’t been updated within a time frame specified by the user.

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NetNewsWire 2.0 offers Special Subscriptions, that allows you to set NNW to list news items by subject. These can be selected from five search engines using categories. For boat-related searches, for example, you could type “boat”, “boat pictures”, “boat news”, “boat features”, “boat club events”, and so on.

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