Now Up-to-Date and Contact 4.0 full review

Other Macintosh PIMs have fallen in battle, but Now Up-to-Date and Contact has survived, after being rescued from near oblivion by Power On Software. The first major update since 1995 makes several compatibility changes, and brings the package in line with current Mac technology. Both programs have received a face-lift, adopting a more Aqua look in their tool bars and windows. You can customize their colours and background patterns, but can’t customize tool bars to suit your work style. And although the programs offer good integration with Palm handhelds, they still don’t support Palm’s Memo application. The calendar views in Now Up-to Date include new mini-calendars that show one or more upcoming months; click on a date in a mini-calendar, and it appears in the main calendar. But the long-overdue mini-calendars still need improvement. It would be useful if they highlighted dates with activities and allowed users to view preceding, as well as upcoming, months. Other missing features include event templates and, in the Year view, indicators of which days contain events. And you still can’t conveniently group events and contacts into projects. Now Contact 4.0 offers extra fields for Internet addresses and other custom information, as well as shared keywords. Data-filtering improvements include the new AlphaBar, a row of letter buttons above the contact list; clicking on a letter filters the list down to contacts beginning with that letter. You can also narrow the contact list by typing a few letters into the new QuickFilter field. Grab-N-Go, a fine new feature, lets you use contextual menus to create calendar entries from selected text. For example, if you select a person’s name in an email message, open the contextual menu, and choose an event, Up-to-Date will create and open that event. Grab-N-Go doesn’t work in all applications, but it supports Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, and most email programs. The 4.0 servers communicate faster with the clients and fix problems in the old servers. But, because older clients can’t connect to 4.0 servers, and 4.0 clients can’t use the older servers, you have to upgrade all your users at once. This version runs in Mac OS X’s Classic mode, but the Carbonized version will be released soon as a free upgrade.
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