Garmin nüvi 765T full review

Although slightly pricier than TomTom’s super-smart XL, the Garmin wipes the floor with it in terms of value. You get a Traffic Message Channel (TMC) receiver in the box, photo-based navigation, Bluetooth for handsfree calls and an FM transmitter. TMC alone adds £48 to the XL’s price tag.

This means the Garmin knows all about the six-car pile up beyond the next junction and will steer you clear. Lane assistance pops up at complicated junctions long enough for you to take notice, and we found the 3D representations of key landmarks in cities an intuitive aid.

Safety camera alerts are preloaded and the 765T reminds you of the speed you should be travelling. Bluetooth connectivity lets you make and receive calls from a paired mobile handset using the Nüvi’s touchscreen.

As well as audiobook and music playback options, there’s a photo-navigation feature. You first need to register your device, then upload images from Google Panoramio.

The 4.3in screen is a standard feature at this price point, and is fine for displaying vital information.

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