ConceptDraw Project 3 full review

ConceptDraw Project 3 is a project management tool that goes way beyond the capabilities of traditional calendar-based task lists. Project 3 enables you to create projects, then set up a series of main tasks and sub-tasks within that project – and it’s open-ended, so those tasks can be anything you designate. Each task gets its own duration and deadline, you can assign resources to it, and decide who in an organisation, group or family has responsibility for its completion. With a specific duration given to each sub-task, ConceptDraw Project 3 visually displays the task as a chart, so you can instantly see how long you have to spend on each section.

Tasks are the entry point into the program, but many projects have a finite pool of resources. Project 3 enables you to specify two types of resource; human and material. In each case you can create a resource list using the Workspace menu, specify a cost and finally, assign resources to tasks. Resource usage is then automatically calculated for you.

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