LifeShaker 1.0.2 full review

If your eyes start to glaze over at the thought of another to-do list program, then LifeShaker might come as a pleasant surprise. It’s a cheap and cheerful application, which essentially handles collections of chores such as setting up meetings with clients, painting the shed, washing the car and so on, in a variety of work, home or social lifestyle scenarios.

LifeShaker allows you to organise your life via a cute, idiot-proof interface. Features are basic but functional and revolve around a central grid of up to nine boxes, each relating to the job at hand. Around that are the finer points involved with a specific task. A main categories list can be edited to feature each job in an array of different colours. Underneath there’s a goals palette. Individual goals can also be dressed up with some jazzy stars.

To the right of that there’s a steps palette relating to each of your goals. Inside here you can also create, edit and reorder the steps required within that goal. Over on the right there’s The Shaker, which enables you to shake up your list of things to do and bring in new goals. If you simply can’t face a chore, then consign it to the Backburner underneath for finishing off on a rainy day. Alternatively, pretend you’ve completed it instead by dragging a goal from the grid to the tick icon and it’ll be banished forever.

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