Nisus Writer Pro 1.0 full review

Nisus Writer Pro has a long legacy. The company first released a word processor for the Mac in 1989, but when Mac OS X arrived in 2001, Nisus didn’t seem quite ready to catch up – taking a full two years to release a version of their word processor for the new operating system. Nisus Writer Express lacked several features that fans of the old package had grown to love.

Now that Nisus Writer Pro is finally here, we’re glad Nisus took its time. It’s a slick, fast and powerful program at a budget price that knocks Microsoft Word on the Mac for six. Writer Pro’s key selling point, aside from running perfectly on OS X, is that it doesn’t bewilder you with an array of difficult to decipher icons. The simple interface just makes it easy to get on with writing.

A key innovation is the tabbed ‘ToolDrawer’. This opens with a default set of ‘Reference’ tools that enable you to edit the parameters of the current document without sifting through menus. You can replace the default tools on show with a custom palette or one of several bundled tool sets.

The program has all the features you’d expect from a professional quality word processor, including spell checking, thesaurus, proofing tools, and macros.

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