Notational Velocity full review

We’re addicted to two things; taking notes and software that enables us to take notes. So, Notational Velocity wins on both fronts.

One of our favourite note-taking tools is Google Notebook. Funny, considering that Google stopped supporting it some time ago. One of the things we loved about that tool, apart from the fact that you could access it in the cloud, was its extensive support for keyboard shortcuts. Same thing goes for online service Remember the Milk.

Notational Velocity is so chock-full of keyboard shortcuts that you’ll wonder what possible use your mouse ever had. You can navigate around notes, through the text of notes, create new ones and tag notes, all with keyboard shortcuts.

Bin the scraps of paper and forget cumbersome applications. Notational Velocity has most of the features you’ll need

The program itself is simple yet effective. You create notes with their own descriptive titles. These are added to a main list. Select a note and you can read or edit its body. The notes are persistent, which is to say that they’re created and saved automatically. They remain accessible within Notational Velocity until you remove them.

As you use the program, adding a greater volume of notes, you’ll need the application’s built-in navigation tools to find things. There’s a free text search tool, tagging to help you categorise and, best of all, bookmarking. The bookmarking feature adds a temporary (or permanent) bookmark with lets you navigate to a note using a numerical shortcut.

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