OpenOSX Office 2 Review

While Open Office is an integrated package, OpenOSX Office 2 gathers together a handful of existing open source programs in one place. Each of the applications here are available individually and for free. OpenOSX has just bolted them together with a single installer and common libraries, forming an integrated suite. The result is a very powerful set of apps that match the features found in many more expensive commercial bundles.

Office 2 is based on Gnome Office, a loosely integrated collection of GNU licensed tools. Unlike Open Office or the commercial Microsoft Office 2004, the suite is composed of individual applications.

In one or two areas OpenOSX Office 2 exceeds the power of its commercial rivals. Feature-packed vector graphics program Inkscape fills the gap for a layout and drawing package, while the GIMP is an optional extra providing photo processing tools. Aside from these key applications, a collection of smaller tools handle database, file conversion, postscript printing, scripting and other functions.

The whole set is stitched together with a central wrapper that enables drag and drop support for common file types and an application launcher for the main suite of programs.


Why bother paying for a software suite that bundles up open source tools? OpenOSX Office 2 does much more than throw together free code. It’s well worth £20 of anyone’s money.

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