Tables 1.3 full review

Tables is an easy-to-use spreadsheet creation application. You enter columns of numbers into it, it formats them however you want and you can apply formulae to data ranges. That’s it really. Spreadsheets are rarely exciting to use and Tables does little to alleviate the essential dullness of data entry. What it does do though is make the kind of functionality that’s usually found in top flight apps affordable on a tight budget.

This program won’t confuse you with a bunch of mystery buttons. Start it up cold and you get an empty spreadsheet with just five icons to play with. Experienced number crunchers will head instinctively for the Insert A Function button which is where the power of any spreadsheet application lies. They won’t be disappointed, with over a 100 functions to play with – ranging from mathematical operators to dedicated spreadsheet tools.

Move a little further along the menu-bar to access Table’s formatting options, tucked away in compact, tabbed dialogue that enables you to quickly change the behaviour and look of your spreadsheet. Taking the formatting tools a step further, you can select Format ➞ Create new style to save any settings with a unique name, so you can quickly apply them to future sheets.

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