TOMMIE 2.5 full review

With broadband uptake soaring and internet access becoming standard on mobile phones, web services are the software of tomorrow. The advantages are legion. You can access online applications anywhere and on any device you can connect to the web. Web services are cross-platform, make sharing information easy and can be as secure as desktop applications. These are plus points that online calendar, scheduling and time management tool TOMMIE ( shares with other web services. Can its features impress us further?

TOMMIE stands for Total Office Management Made Incredibly Easy. First impressions suggest that it lives up to this name with a straightforward, calendar-based interface that enables you to manage a host of workday scheduling tasks. Aimed at small-to-medium businesses, TOMMIE offers staff tools to schedule meetings, track expenses, book holiday time and manage tasks. Managers can be assigned higher level control over the application, tracking staff activity, generating reports on expenses, projects and individual team members.

If you’re familiar with online calendar applications like Google Calendar, TOMMIE won’t be hard to learn. You just click on the calendar and enter data. Administrators, on the other hand, get a host of configuration tools, from defining expense categories to colour-coding meeting types.

Pricing for a TOMMIE account is 10p per user, per day, which compares favourably with services like Outlook Live (which is only available to Windows users). But you’ll need a business with at least 400 users before the developers give you a bulk discount.

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