Trello full review

Project management is a necessary part of many people’s working lives. It’s supposed to make things easier, but a lot of the tools we use have steep learning curves to overcome first. That’s why Trello is a very welcome free service for anyone who has to plan a project.

It does everything in one place. With Getting Things Done (GTD) principles driving the concept, Trello projects are made of simple lists. The default template has three lists: To Do, Doing and Done. You can change the names of these if you wish, or add a new list.

Trello also lets you add cards to these lists – each card is an action item of your choosing. This simple structure enables you to create to-do lists for even the most complex of projects. The key is in the flexibility of the card metaphor. It can be as simple as an item on a shopping list or as complicated as the recipe for cold fusion. Cards can be a single string of text or contain embedded comments, links, descriptions, images, audio or video. Built-in labels enable you to colour code and prioritise cards, while collaboration tools allow you to assign a card to another Trello user. You can add due dates and built-in checklists to cards too.

The program also has filtering tools, so whenever projects become heavily populated with items, you can choose to just look at the parts you need to see.

Project management reimagined and reduced to simple components

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