VoodooPad Pro 3.1.1 full review

Developer Flying Meat calls VoodooPad a “garden for your thoughts”. We call it a handy desktop notebook that lets you jot down lists, and store sketches and other content. It can be as organised or as messy as you want it to be, with integrated search so you can find anything you put into it.

VoodooPad is based on wiki technology, which is a type of content-management engine that helps you create web pages with very little programming know-how required. You can quickly create interlinked sites with text, images and hyperlinks on any subject you like. The most famous example of a wiki is, of course, Wikipedia – a user-editable encyclopaedia. VoodooPad takes the same basic functionality and adds a slew of other cool features.

Adding pages to a VoodooPad document is much like working in a word processor: type or paste in text, then format it using menus. You can also embed other files into pages like PDFs and MP3 format audio, or insert freehand sketches made within the application.

One of the program’s most impressive features is its ability to create hyperlinks to other content automatically. Simply type a compound word using inter-caps – “HelpPage” for example – and a new hyperlink is created. Follow the link and an empty page awaits you, ready to be filled with fresh content.

VoodooPad comes in a free Lite version, as well as basic and Pro editions. The Pro version has extras such as page encryption and a built-in web server, so you can remotely access your notes or share them over a network. Both commercial versions let you export documents in HTML for publication on the web. With plug-in support for other features, the program’s extensible too.

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