OldBooth Premium for iPhone full review

If you’ve ever laughed at old photos, OldBooth may be just the app for you. It lets you take a picture of someone and give them a classic old school look, from 1920s sailor to 1980s monster perm.

OldBooth works by using a new photo you’ve shot with the iPhone’s camera or an existing one from your library, and merging just the face with the rest of the image.

When you launch OldBooth, you first choose whether you are creating an image of a male or female. The app offers a selection of school photo-style head shots to choose from. There are over 20 base styles for men and women, as well as additional themed packs available through in-app purchases.

Once you’ve selected a look, you can choose a photo from your camera roll or take one with the iPhone’s camera from within the app, which gives you the option of showing a slightly transparent version of the mask over the camera screen. This can make it easier to take a photo that’s the right size, plus it’s an extra bit of fun. A recent update to OldBooth Premium allows access to the iPhone 4’s flash and front camera while the mask is on.

When you have a photo you’re happy with, you can use multitouch gestures to pinch and expand the image in order to make it fit properly within the face area of the themed image. A brightness/contrast slider allows you to match the skin tone in the photo to the image surrounding it. All images are black and white, which serves two purposes – it fits the theme of older photos, and it makes it much easier to blend the skin colours.

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