OmniGraffle 3.0 Professional full review

Each update to The Omni Group's OmniGraffle improves the chart-drawing application by leaps and bounds. And the recently released OmniGraffle 3.0.1 Professional is the picture of a specialty program hitting its stride. (OmniGraffle has also released a standard version 3.0.1, which has many of the same features.) We were happy to see this version's improved Help menu - because we did need a bit of guidance. OmniGraffle still has a few quirks: for example, clicking on a palette doesn't necessarily activate the tool associated with it, as you might expect. And once again, the Auto Layout tool (which organizes your chart in a way that "makes sense" to the program) made hash of some test charts. This tool needs some controls. But, wow, does version 3.0.1 have some nice design features: adjustable guides, drag-&-drop image import, complete control over colours and shapes, support for full transparency, automatic antialiasing, and just about anything else you could possibly need to create a very pretty chart or diagram. There is something of an ease-of-use trade-off here: one look at the long list of OmniGraffle's mouseless-editing key commands reminded us how much we loved Inspiration's super-fast RapidFire feature for quick brainstorming. The Professional version has some features that, for many people, will justify its price: a rudimentary presentation mode lets you link multiple OmniGraffle canvases together and run them as a slide show.
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