Lexmark P4350 full review

The Lexmark P4350 is an all-in-one photo printer, so it can scan and copy as well as print borderless A4 colour images. Thanks to its photo printing credentials it comes with the requisite memory card slots and a PictBridge port, all of which are neatly concealed behind a flap on the front of the printer.

To allow you to preview images from memory cards and view menu controls it sports a 1.7in, colour LCD screen. But this is so small you won’t be able to see anything in any detail.

As it’s a photo printer it has interchangeable cartridges and you can swap the black for a photo cartridge, which adds light cyan and light magenta for better colour accuracy and depth. It has a useful slot to store the spare cartridge when not in use.

It has a user friendly, simple control panel, which you navigate using clearly labelled buttons. The on-screen menu system is equally clear and intuitive.

As this is an all-in-one printer we were looking for good all round performance, and as such tested all its functions. We kicked off with text printing, which was disappointingly slow. It took over a minute (66 seconds) to print a single page of text at Normal setting. This makes it one of the slowest printers we have ever tested. It only managed a ppm (pages per minute) of 1.1.

However, at least it was worth the wait as the text quality is good. It’s not the best inkjet output we’ve ever seen, but it’s perfectly adequate with crisp, clear characters.

You can speed things up a little by choosing the Quick Print option, which cranked the P4350 up to a far from quick 5.6ppm. But this lowers output quality considerably, leaving you with indistinct characters blurred by horizontal banding.

Copying is much quicker and it can produce an A4 copy in just 38 seconds, although quality is mediocre at best.

There are illuminated scan guides that help to assure the correct placement of originals on the flatbed scanner. Scanning of an 8-x-10 photo at 300dpi is moderately quick at 28 seconds. Image quality is adequate for a home scanner, but the image was a little washed out and lacking in definition.

Finally, photo printing takes eight minutes for a borderless A4 photo. This is certainly not the fastest time we’ve seen, but neither is it the slowest. Image quality is reasonable and colour accuracy and picture clarity are good. But on closer inspection there is evidence of banding and a lack of sharpness.

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