Lexmark P6350 full review

Lexmark P6350
The P6350 is positioned as a home photo studio and to that end it has memory card slots, a PictBridge port and a large LCD screen for previewing images before printing. The screen can be tilted to provide the best viewing angle.

This is the first printer we’ve seen in a long time that doesn’t use separate ink tanks. It has one cartridge for cyan, magenta and yellow and an interchangeable black or photo cartridge. The downside to this approach is that if one of your colours runs out, you have to replace all three.

With this model, Lexmark seems to have taken a small step up the build-quality ladder. For example, when you lift the scanning unit to access the print cartridges, you don’t have to manually release a catch to lower it again. Overall, the feel of this unit is much more robust than other Lexmark units we’ve seen.

Photo printing is incredibly slow. For example, the P6350 takes 8 minutes 35 seconds to print an A4 image. The image quality is marred by oversaturated, orange-tinged colours, but otherwise isn’t too bad. There is slight banding, but if you don’t look too closely the clarity is pretty good. A 6 x 4-inch image takes 2 minutes 48 seconds to print.

Print speed for text is also very slow, with a single page printing in 1 minute 2 seconds. The page per minute rating is 1.5. To give Lexmark its due though, text quality is unquestionably the best we’ve ever seen from a Lexmark inkjet. In fact, it’s right up there with the text output of the better Canon and Epson printers.
An A4 document takes 38 seconds to scan at 300dpi, a 6 x 4-inch photo takes just 16 seconds. But scan quality is nothing special and there is a large amount of artifacting and noise in the image, although colour accuracy is spot on.

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