Paperless: Lists + Checklists full review

Making lists, from the routine to the more ambitious and aspirational, is a good way to focus and ensure your time is well spent, avoiding where possible repeated and tedious chores. Paperless, from developers Crush Apps, effectively adds to that focus, offering an attractive central hub for your to-do lists and more, which as the name suggests could have you doing away with a reliance on actual pen and paper. It's also a safe environment to make plans as you can password protect your lists, ideal for birthday and Christmas surprises. 

The app comes with a selection of editable lists to get you started, including those covering Today, Someday, Groceries and perhaps most ambitiously Story Outline. Today initially acts as a tutorial explaining how Paperless best uses checkboxes to show when a list is completed, with the option to change the order of lists and delete any you've done with. Once mastered, and it isn't a too steep a learning curve, you can easily create and name new lists and crucially find your own way to best use Paperless. Lists can be shared or backed up via email, while you can set up automatic backup and syncing by linking a Dropbox account in the apps settings. 

Paperless for iPhone, iPad  

Paperless lacks the clean, minimalist makeover many developers have opted for since the introduction of Apple's iOS 7 but this is no bad thing. The apps design is already well considered and perfectly legible, with a choice of font sizes and themes. Numerous old school stickers or icons are also included to highlight your list, which may help users to visually find a particular list quickly. For those who need prompting along all the way to ensure things get done, Paperless also lacks due dates or priority settings, including Notification Center alerts, which could be an issue for anyone who likes to set deadlines, however unachievable. For those still not convinced, Crush Apps offers a free 'try then buy' option in Paperless Lite, which gives users the chance to create up to 30 list items. 

Paperless for iPhone, iPad


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