Party-time for The Sims full review

The Sims – House Party is an expansion set for the hugely popular The Sims. It offers a whole new set of goals for gamers, with the ultimate objective of hosting the biggest, best, most exciting block party ever seen. The best parties are rumoured to attract celebrities, who drive up in stretch limousines. Extensive road testing failed to yield a celebrity; but found a mime artist. The mime’s stated mission is to liven up the party, which it does by scaring guests, blocking the toilet and stealing food. Even a huge DJ rig, massive dance floor, and a speaker stack and lighting rig inspired by Spinal Tap couldn’t prevent the appearance of that silent party assassin. The mime is the simulated equivalent of a teenage gatecrasher. The Sims universe has nothing but trouble with staff – the cake dancer’s flirtatious behaviour caused interpersonal warfare, the caterer refused to work after midnight, and every party ends with a visit from local law enforcement. It’s hell, but there’s always the chance that the next party could be the one. But, despite the shindig, those Sims must still make it to work on time. The Sims – House Party offers a host of new objects, clothes and personalities for your little people. One handy new feature is the use of the telephone – you can talk to friends over the phone rather than invite them round, and this can strengthen relationships.
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