PDF Converter for Mac full review

PDF Converter for Mac is a utility for converting and transferring information stored in PDF files. The application opens on a drag-and-drop dialog box that invites you to drag on files, or you can use a File > Import path. Both methods can support numerous PDF files in one batch conversion operation.

Whichever method you use, the PDF files will appear stacked in the PDF Converter window; clicking the large Convert button will run the conversion routine. The utility works rapidly through the stacked PDFs and stores the results in a default folder in the new format: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text HTML or electronic publication (EPUB). Click on the options icon to select a page range, or select File Configuration on the File menu. Another selling point is the ability to handle restricted PDFs. If a password is required for printing and editing a PDF file, you can still convert it; if you need a password to open the PDF in the first place, though, you’re out of luck.

Conversion results seem to depend on the nature of the original PDF. Converting a PDF that was created in Word or Excel returns a pretty faithful reproduction. Take a file created in InDesign and the result is useable, with some formatting quirks. However, with a web page saved as a PDF, and converted to Word or even back to HTML, the results are less impressive.

The HTML conversion offers several custom options, though. These include retention of hyperlinks, the ability to set a background colour for the exported files and the choice to delete images from the exported HTML files. A similar range of options is available for the EPUB format

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