pHATmatik Pro full review

Given the current popularity of loops - drum loops, looped basslines, melodic loops, percussion loops, almost anything loops - it is not too surprising that specialized software has been developed to deal with loops. What BitShift has done is to incorporate looping, slicing and processing features into a plug-in that will work as an Audio Unit or VST Instrument. pHATmatik Pro is the first tool of its kind that you use to work with loops locked to tempo directly within the host environment. You can load loops in AIFF or WAV format or import ACID-ized WAV files. Using its 32-bit sampling engine, pHATmatik PRO lets you create and edit grooves from your loop libraries to make fills, breakdowns or completely new grooves. With its four stereo outputs, you can route each snare, kick, vocal syllable or whatever to a different channel in your host and process these individually. Each slice can be reversed, looped, filtered and tuned using the Slice editor. Using the Master editor, you can add distortion, comb filtering, analogue filtering, tempo-synced delays, transpositions to make your loops follow chord changes, and apply two LFOs for modulation effects. Just load a loop, adjust the sensitivity slider, then hit the slice button to divide the loop into sections, each of which are allocated a MIDI note number. Save this info as a MIDI file, and open the MIDI file into a track in the song you are working on. Make sure that this MIDI track is set up to send MIDI to pHATmatik PRO, then when you play your song, you will hear the original loop play at your host's tempo. Change the host's tempo and the loop will follow seamlessly. Now, with the MIDI data controlling playback of the slices, you can edit this to your heart's content to make the loop do whatever you like. You can store all your slices and tempo settings along with your loop into an industry-standard 24-bit WAV pHATfile that has additional headers describing the tempo and slice points of the sliced file.
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