Akvis Magnifier review

Magnifier’s screen offers a before and after toggle, or a split-screen. There are some document presets or the image size can be specified in pixels, as a percentage or in physical size terms using the dpi setting. There’s also sharpening options for downsizing images.

The interpolation side offers a raft of precise controls that includes sharpening edges, edge smoothness, texture detail, grain and the option to remove artefacts from the resizing. The sharpening side is unsharp mask. The previews are quick, but processing a large image takes a while. Blowing up smaller images offers more control over exactly how the edges and texture content look.

On small images Magnifier offers a lot of control over how the final result will look


Magnifier produced good result from the low-res portrait with excellent artefact removal and no jaggies, though it was a little on the soft side. On the noisy, high-res image, results were softer than the others here but very good at removing all artefacts.

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