Blow Up 3 full review

Sometimes the images you have to deal with just aren’t big enough, particularly when dealing with print media. If a photo can’t be retaken at a higher resolution then the only recourse is interpolation to make it larger. There are limits on what Photoshop can do though before the edges of lines become jagged.

Fortunately, there are plug-ins that do a much better job, such as Blow Up 3. It offers three simple options: Crop & Resize, Resize, or Stretch, which affects how the resizing parameters work. All you do is type in the new size. There are also controls for sharpening edges when enlarging and adding grain to disguise poor quality areas. There’s also some custom sharpening options for the finished enlargement. And that’s basically it.

A high-quality photo can be vastly increased, but it can get a watercolour-like effect

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