Funtastic Photos full review

Image editors can be scary applications, thanks to difficult learning curves and overly complex menus, toolbars, and palettes. Few of these apps are simple, and as useful as they are, even fewer are fun to use. Ohanaware’s Funtastic Photos 1.0.3, on the other hand, is exactly what the name implies: It makes working with your photos fun, and does it in a dead-simple way.

No image editor I’ve seen in the Mac market offers so much, with such ease of use, for such a small price.

Funtastic Photos packs a plethora of One-Click Styles and 40 image-enhancement tools into a single-window interface, offering practically limitless options for the “funification” of your images.

You can import photos from your iPhoto albums or folders on your desktop, or you can capture them directly from your iSight camera.

Once your image is in the editing window, you can start experimenting with all the effects and enhancements offered. You don’t have to worry about applying multiple effects and not liking the results, because Funtastic uses non-destructive editing - you can undo effects you’ve already applied, or even rewind back to the original image.

Aside from some standard image-enhancement tools such as levels, exposure, white balance, brightness and contrast, crop, rotate, and sharpen, Funtastic Photos allows you to manipulate your images in other creative ways.

For example, you can convert your image to greyscale, and then use a Focal Point circle to allow the color of the image to show through, as seen in the image below.

Barrel distortion (simulating a fish-eye lens), over burn, motion blur, sketch, water drops, vignette, and reflections are just a few of the enhancements you can apply and adjust using sliders and drop-down menus. You can finish off your editing by adding date stamps, mattes, and a wide variety of borders ranging from brush strokes to simulated wood frames.

Most of the enhancements can be used in conjunction with one another to come up with truly cool-looking effects.

And because the effects are applied instantly, you can experiment with multiple effects without having to wait around to see how the image will turn out. In fact, when my wife saw me testing the software, it wasn’t long before I was booted off the computer and left to watch as she started editing dozens of images from her iPhoto library.

If the thought of all that fine-tuning is intimidating, you can choose from one of over 50 One-Click Styles. For example, with a single click you can give your photo a vintage sepia effect, the look of a soft-focused image, or the appearance of an old Polaroid snapshot.

In addition to the stock One-Click Styles, any enhancements you make to an image can be saved as a new One-Click Style, so it’s easy to apply multiple effects to multiple images.

I spent a few days playing around with all the effects, using a wide variety of images, and I found most of the effects to provide very nice results, although some - for example, a few of the border selections and themed One-Click Styles - were a bit disappointing.

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