Great Photo Pro full review

If parts of Great Photo Pro look familiar it’s because some of the modules in it have been available as standalone apps. This brings everything together to offer an interesting tool kit without the effort of going into Photoshop. To start the Crop/Edit section actually cover Curves, basic brightness and contrast, exposure, highlights and shadows as well as one-click corrections. All the basics are there. On top of this there’s smoothness and sharpness, chromatic aberration correction, lens distortion correction, cropping and resizing. What it doesn’t do is adjustment layers or use masks. Still, unless an image has major problems, these will take care of it. The other modules add a little more sparkle to the proceedings. There’s ones for adding retro colouring, frames, shallow depth-of-field, mono/colour brushes, HDR creation plus a RAW lab and a collage creator.

On the retro side there are 27 preset effects which include both colour, mono and toned results as well as distressed elements like crumpled paper, scratches and dirt. The only problem is that they are the same every time with no variation. Now you can go into the Edit module and change how the colours look, but the surface grime stays the same. One way of trying to give images a different look is to then use the frames and the vignetting.

Once a retro filter and frame have been applied you can then customise it with the basic and colour adjustment tools

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